​​Fresh pit smoked BBQ SINCE 1971

Steve aka “The BBQ King” and Becky Abernethy opened the doors to Bar-B-Q King on September 1st,1971 for their first day of business.  They lived on a farm near Startown road where Steve began smoking his legendary pork shoulders over hickory wood coals.  He soon realized hauling his pork shoulders to the restaurant everyday was too hard. He then built his first smoke pit inside the restaurant dining room.  The pit is still visible today but unfortunately had to be retired in 1987 due to local safety regulations.  Our pit smoker is now located across BBQ Kings parking lot.  Steve has always made sure our barbecue is fresh pit smoked over live hickory wood coals DAILY without the use of electricity or gas to smoke, although we do use an electric cooker to roast and hold our shoulders.

BBQ King is a true old school BBQ joint that will take you back generations.  Order at the counter and an employee will holler your order to the cooks, and in minutes you will have a fresh, hot plate of food.  The tradition of hollering orders is something we look forward to many younger generations continuing during this time of technological advancement.  

Steve has hired many great employees over the last forty-five years but none closer than Keith Smith.  He started working for BBQ King at the tender age of 15 in 1976. Steve soon realized his potential and value making him Manager and  co-owner.  Keith’s sons, Jordan and Jared are fully involved with the business as well.  The younger generation recognizes the importance of high quality food and keeping traditions alive.  We will always HOLLER ORDERS, HAND PATTY OUR BURGERS AND PIT SMOKE OUR BBQ!!!